Max Tonellato

Sales Associate for Braden Lamb Property Co.

Growing up, Max’s parents owned a florist & a funeral business, so customer service has been part of his life since a young age. He has an affinity for people and a genuine desire to help wherever possible.

A foundation built on integrity & a stand-out difference in their approach to real estate is the real point of difference for Max & Braden.

Taking an often stressful & overwhelming experience and having their customers complete the journey with a smile is the driving motivation for this new generation of agent.

Authenticity is key in real estate, which can often be a transactional business. Proudly, Braden & Max can boast a business that solely thrives on repeat & referral work, with a loyal customer base that they proudly refer to as their friends. With a combined 8 years’ experience, the team centres their approach around the customers experience and constantly look to improve, ensuring the entire moving process is as easy as possible.

"Real estate isn't just about property, it’s about people"– Sir Leslie J. Hooker

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